Quarkus is a Kubernetes native full stack java framework that is optimized and built specifically for containers to support microservice and serverless applications . Quarkus comes from the Redhat family and offers a tight integration to Redhat Openshift .

Quarkus’ fast startup time and low memory footprint makes it an ideal choice for building container first applications .Quarkus is built on the Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) method and provides a extensions which can be plugged into add additional features .

In this article we are going to look at how quickly we can build and end to end app…

In this post we are exploring a JVM based full stack microservice framework- Micronaut — that enables us to create microservices and server-less functions fairly quickly.

The power of Micronaut is in it’s fast start-up time and low memory foot print and the fact that it supports most of the JVM based languages such as Java, Kotlin and Groovy. Micronaut has built in support for cloud based server-less functions such as AWS Lambda .

Micronaut framework from Grails

Surprisingly the framework has a lot of similarity to the Springboot framework and this helps in a very fast learning curve for those who are well-versed…

Any technology enthusiast who love to explore new developments in the technology landscape would have come across situations where you would want to have a SQL database with the minimum effort .

PostgreSQL is a good choice in such situations to spin up a lightweight database , which you can even run a docker container.

In this post we are going to set up a docker-compose file for starting up a docker container of PostgreSQL .

Create the docker-compose.yml file in the project root and define the details as given below

version: '3'
image: library/postgres:latest…

Gatsby is a ReactJS based open source framework that helps to build web applications real quick .One of the very interesting features of Gatsby is it’s support for creating Progressing Web Apps (PWA ) .

Read more about the framework and it’s capabilities here . https://www.gatsbyjs.org/

In this tutorial we are going to look at how we can run a gatsby application as a docker container .

Quick Start

Before we begin let’s look at how can we create a simple gatsby application and boot it up . …

Now that you are here , I assume you would be knowing that Helidon is a micro-service framework released by Oracle . As of now the framework supports two programming models namely Helidon MP and Helidon SE .

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